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Full-stack software development is my passion & I obsess over design optimization. This flows from a deep creative drive to build new technologies that improve efficiency, communication, & social impact. With an extensive background in digital marketing & design, my mission is to help you deploy a unified digital strategy.

What I Do

Web Design

If you are starting a new business or your existing sites needs a fresh look, let's discuss a new vision. Effective marketing, branding, and customer acquisition all starts with a fast, mobile friendly, well designed digital storefront.

App Development

If your idea requires more functionality with a dynamic user interface, persistent data, and use of APIs, I develop full-stack applications as well. I am most well versed in MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, but can also develop with MySQL, Vue, and templating engines such as Handlebars and EJS.

Web Analytics

Want to know what is driving traffic and how your customers are interacting with your site? Let's discuss implementing a web site and marketing analytics strategy with an array of behavioural triggers. This information will provide detailed insight into the effectiveness of your marketing spend as well as how to optimize the design of your site to increase conversions.

Digital Marketing

Optimized SEO and an effective Search Term and Display Ad campaign are great ways to improve visibilty and drive new sales. We can also explore even more targeted strategies like Email/Blog Marketing, Pay per Action, Pay per Call, Pay per Lead, and Pay per Conversion.

Driven to Build...

Check out some of my latest projects.

Liberty Dynamic

Start-up releasing a Safer, Smarter, Superior Flash-Bang grenade to military & law-enforcement.


14'er Friend

Browse Mountain Info, Weather, & Driving directions for Colorado 14ers all from a single interface. Set climbing preferences & receive notification when conditions match.

TECHNOLOGIES: MySQL, Express, EJS, JQuery, HTML5, CCS3, National Weather API, Google Maps API, OAuth


Test your knowledge with flash-card games. Create your own games with three difficulty levels for any subject on the fly!

TECHNOLOGIES: MongoDB, Express, React, Node, ReactStrap, Styled-Components, OAuth

Trump Tweet Trivia

Did Trump Tweet the following?

TECHNOLOGIES: Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JSON, Javascript

CO Whitewater Scraper

This app scrapes for Colorado waterflow data and enables the user to save favorite river sections and add notes.

TECHNOLOGIES: MongoDB, Express, Node, Cheerio, JQuery, Handlebars, HTML5, CSS3

Find Your Spirit Animal

Answer a series of scientifically formulated questions and advanced AI will then precisely match you to your spirit animal.

TECHNOLOGIES: Express, Node, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

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